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Tag: Reverse

[CSAW2017] – tablEZ

Solution The first step is to decompile the given binary. Main




After have some analysis we know: 1. The program will based on the input to perform table lookup 2. The table format are 00 xx 01 xx 02 xx 03 xx 3. The main encrypt function are get_tbl_entry So, based on this information, we can write the code to get the flag.

Output: flag{t4ble_l00kups_ar3_b3tter_f0r_m3}

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[Bugs Bunny] rev100 – 100pt

Solution: Key point:

c = a xor b , maybe c is the flag?


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[Bugs Bunny] mysterious ! – 75pts

Solution: We guess all of these value are base64 string. So our plan is extract it out and decode it. Base64 Data:

Finally we get Bugs_Bunny{Th1s_t0t4lly_Th3_fl4g}

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