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Category: Bugs Bunny CTF

[Bugs Bunny] rev100 – 100pt

Solution: Key point:

c = a xor b , maybe c is the flag?


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[Bugs Bunny] mysterious ! – 75pts

Solution: We guess all of these value are base64 string. So our plan is extract it out and decode it. Base64 Data:

Finally we get Bugs_Bunny{Th1s_t0t4lly_Th3_fl4g}

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[Bugs Bunny] RSA2

Question: c: 0x217c8bf9b45601267624c3b1ba89ae93d04c8fae32dc15496262f36f48d06c0dc9e178a77b77a33708dcbe1fcd55ea9eb636fe5684c2f0f08df3389f47b36a128636671eba300491c829ed1e252b1bb4dbb3b93bc46d98a10bb5d55347752052ab45e143fd46799be1d06ac3ff7e8b1eb181dfbba8dfac3910202fd0b9a25befe E : 266524484526673326121255015126836087453426858655909092116029065652649301962338744664679734617977550306567819672969837450223062478394149960243362563995235387971047857994699247277712682103161537347874310994510059329875060868679654080020041070975648626636209785889112656335054840517934593236597457100751820027783 N : 412460203584740978970185080155274765823237615982150661072746604041385717906706098256415230390148737678989448404730885157667896599397615737297545930957425615121654272472589331747646564634264520011009284080299605233265170506809736069720838542498970453928922703911186788239628906189362646418960560442406497717567 Solution: N cannot find the p,q by using factordb. So we try wiener attack. d = 27979163639208238097581493168255260980791785886427784936313524512033423912647 Now we have d,n. We can decrypt the c now.


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[Bugs Bunny] Capital – 80pt

Question: nc 11223 There are two types of quesiton: 1. Calculation 2. Ask for the capital Solution:

After solve around 600 of questions, the server will give the flag.

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[Bugs Bunny] FixMe – 130pt

Question: Given many of partial QR code files. Solution: We guess the filename are based on this format: (x,y,rotated angel) So, we write this script to rotate the image back to correct angel and write it to original image.

Finally we get:   QrCod2_Look_50_Co0l

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