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Category: SCTF

[SCTF]Secure Text Saver – 60

題目: Will you test out my new program for me? It saves importantinfo and keeps it away from prying eyes! 解法: 拿到jar , 立刻扔到java online decompiler , 得出 這是最重要的一部份 sctf{w0w_th4t_w45_pr377y_e45y}

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[SCTF]Cookies – 75

題目: My mom put a password on the cookie jar 🙁 Will you help me get a cookie? 解法: 直接把jar扔上java online decompiler , 得出以下東東 雖然下面還有好多 , 但是看到這裹已經沒必要再看下去了 直接把md5拿去解密 得出 thisisaverystrongpassword 在jar中輸入 , 得出flag sctf{g3t_y0ur_h4nd_0ut_0f_my_c00k13_j4r!}

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[SCTF]Failed Compression – 80

題目: I was trying to compress some files, but I think I messed itup? 解法: 題目給予了一個不能打開的壓縮檔 , 經過C32asm的查看 , 裹面有1450張 頭和尾損壞的圖片 而我要做的就是把這些都修復並重新輸出成為圖片 故我得出以下算法 在等待運行結束後 , 我發現第330張圖片便是flag sctf{1_am_50_50rry_4_d01ng_thi5_2_u}

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[SCTF]Verticode – 90

題目: Welcome to Verticode,the new method of translating text into verticalcodes.Each verticode has twoparts:the color shift andthe code.The code takes the inputted character and translates it into anASCII code, and then into binary, then puts that into an image inwhich each black pixel representsa 1 andeach white pixel represents a 0.For example, A is 65 whichis 1000001 inbinary, B is 66 whichis 1000010,and C is 67 whichis 1000011,so the corresponding verticode would looklike this.Except, it isn’t that simple.A color shift is also integrated, which means that the color beforeeach verticode shifts the ASCII code, by adding the number that thecolor corresponds to, before translating it into binary. In thatcase, the previous verticode could also looklike this.The table for the color codes is:0 = Red1 = Purple2 = Blue3 = Green4 = Yellow5 = OrangeThis means that a red color shift for theletter A,which is 65 + 0 = 65,would translate into 1000001 inbinary; however, a green color shift for theletter A,which is 65 + 3 = 68,would translate into 1000100 inbinary.Given thisverticode,read the verticode into text and find the flag.Note that the flag will not be in thetypical sctf{flag} format,but will be painfully obvious text. Once you find this text, youwill submit it in the sctf{text} format.So, if the text you find is adunnaisawesome,you will submit it as sctf{adunnaisawesome}. 解法: 跟據以上規則 , 我得出以下算法

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