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Category: Hackover

[Hackover]thecard – 9pts

After unzip the .xz, I’ve got “thecard.img” file. But it cannot normally articulated: .IMG is a disk image, so that I try to unzip it again to see what file in that. In the file “[UNKNOWN]”, there are 4 files and 3 of them are in JFIF format. But the JFIF cannot open correctly again. So i put it into the hex editor to see what happen. That’s it, we all know the valid JFIF files is begin with FF D8 FF E0 ?? ?? ‘J’ ‘F’ ‘I’ ‘F’ 00, but the file is start with 00. So let me correct it. Finally, we got 3 picture, the first one gave me a flag:

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