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Category: ASIS Qualifiers

[ASIS]CTF 101 – 3pt

Description: Watch your heads! Solution: 在http response header中找到 base64 decode:QVNJU3szMWE0ODM5MDBiODU3NjQyNmNjY2RmNTU0MDJiOWRkNn0K ASIS{31a483900b8576426cccdf55402b9dd6}

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[ASIS]Smallest MD5 – 19pt

Description: I have lied that I have found the smallest MD5 hash possible,to win a bet. Now the other guy is pissed off and wants to know where have Igot this hash from. What results to this hash? Please help! Solution: 看題目好像要找全世界最細的md5 hash , 一google 就出來了 ASIS{08ni(g0u3ada_JiyongYoun-HLETRD}

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