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[TMCTF] – Analysis-offensive 100

Given Forensic_Encryption file. After have some analysis, found that it should be an zip file. So, change the first two bytes to 504B

The zip file contains three file(file_1, file_2, file_3).



It seems like an jpg file. And after take a look at its bytes. i have found that a ascii string

Base64 decode it



It is an zip file with password protected.

unzip it with password we have got in file1. And we got key.txt



The file contains the ESP packets. It seems it can be decrypt by the information given in file_2.

We can see the decrypted packet now. And i found there are http packet contains the flag

But the flag are encrypted! After have some research. We found that it is encrypted by the navy m3/m4 enigma machine

So, we can simply decrypt it!



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