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[HITCON]Are you rich 1/2 – 150pts

Are you rich? Buy the flag!

ps. You should NOT pay anything for this challenge

Some error messages which is non-related to challenge have been removed




We found that after we get the address by using this link , the btc are always zero.

So we guess there are valid btc address or flag inside their database. In order to list out all the record and try to submit all the address in their database, we write this script to do that.

After that, we found that all the address in their database contains 0 BTC.

It means we should find the address which has more than 5 btc. Finally i have found this website which listed out top 100 richest bitcoin addresses.

Since the website do not accept the address which is not in their database , so we can made an fake result to bypass this limit.