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[H4CK1T]Ethiopia – Crypt00perator – 95pts


Long time ago one security module has been written. But fornow its sources have been missed somehow. We have forgotten th3access k3y, which, as we remember, has been hardcoded inside themodule. Help us to recollect th3 k3y!11
After analysis the execution program, found that it is an64bit execution program. So we have to use 64bit debugger.
First, search all the references string of the program andjump into the comparison point.
and we get this"o3dl6s|41a42344d110746d574e35c2f77ab6>3z"

We try to input it as key and watch the value of each memoryaddress

{H4ck1t}[Reverse]Ethiopia - Crypt00perator - 95pts