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[IceCTF]Blue Monday – 60pt


Those who came before me lived through their vocationsFrom

the past until completion, they'll turn away no more And stillI

find it so hard to say what I need to say But I'm quite surethat

you'll tell me just how I should feel today. blue_monday


題目給出一個midi的音樂檔案 , 聽了後發現這是雜亂無章的音調


進行分析 , 得出以下結果

0 On ch=1 n=73 v=100

220 Off ch=1 n=73 v=0

220 On ch=1 n=99 v=100

440 Off ch=1 n=99 v=0

440 On ch=1 n=101 v=100

660 Off ch=1 n=101 v=0

660 On ch=1 n=67 v=100

880 Off ch=1 n=67 v=0

880 On ch=1 n=84 v=100

1100 Off ch=1 n=84 v=0

1100 On ch=1 n=70 v=100

1320 Off ch=1 n=70 v=0

1320 On ch=1 n=123 v=100

1540 Off ch=1 n=123 v=0

1540 On ch=1 n=72 v=100

1760 Off ch=1 n=72 v=0

1760 On ch=1 n=65 v=100

1980 Off ch=1 n=65 v=0

1980 On ch=1 n=99 v=100

2200 Off ch=1 n=99 v=0

2200 On ch=1 n=107 v=100

2420 Off ch=1 n=107 v=0

2420 On ch=1 n=49 v=100

2640 Off ch=1 n=49 v=0

2640 On ch=1 n=110 v=100

2860 Off ch=1 n=110 v=0

2860 On ch=1 n=57 v=100

3080 Off ch=1 n=57 v=0

3080 On ch=1 n=95 v=100

3300 Off ch=1 n=95 v=0

3300 On ch=1 n=109 v=100

3520 Off ch=1 n=109 v=0

3520 On ch=1 n=85 v=100

3740 Off ch=1 n=85 v=0

3740 On ch=1 n=53 v=100

3960 Off ch=1 n=53 v=0

3960 On ch=1 n=73 v=100

4180 Off ch=1 n=73 v=0

4180 On ch=1 n=99 v=100

4400 Off ch=1 n=99 v=0

4400 On ch=1 n=95 v=100

4620 Off ch=1 n=95 v=0

4620 On ch=1 n=87 v=100

4840 Off ch=1 n=87 v=0

4840 On ch=1 n=49 v=100

5060 Off ch=1 n=49 v=0

5060 On ch=1 n=55 v=100

5280 Off ch=1 n=55 v=0

5280 On ch=1 n=104 v=100

5500 Off ch=1 n=104 v=0

5500 On ch=1 n=95 v=100

5720 Off ch=1 n=95 v=0

5720 On ch=1 n=109 v=100

5940 Off ch=1 n=109 v=0

5940 On ch=1 n=73 v=100

6160 Off ch=1 n=73 v=0

6160 On ch=1 n=68 v=100

6380 Off ch=1 n=68 v=0

6380 On ch=1 n=49 v=100

6600 Off ch=1 n=49 v=0

6600 On ch=1 n=53 v=100

6820 Off ch=1 n=53 v=0

6820 On ch=1 n=95 v=100

7040 Off ch=1 n=95 v=0

7040 On ch=1 n=76 v=100

7260 Off ch=1 n=76 v=0

7260 On ch=1 n=51 v=100

7480 Off ch=1 n=51 v=0

7480 On ch=1 n=116 v=100

7700 Off ch=1 n=116 v=0

7700 On ch=1 n=53 v=100

7920 Off ch=1 n=53 v=0

7920 On ch=1 n=95 v=100

8140 Off ch=1 n=95 v=0

8140 On ch=1 n=72 v=100

8360 Off ch=1 n=72 v=0

8360 On ch=1 n=52 v=100

8580 Off ch=1 n=52 v=0

8580 On ch=1 n=118 v=100

8800 Off ch=1 n=118 v=0

8800 On ch=1 n=69 v=100

9020 Off ch=1 n=69 v=0

9020 On ch=1 n=95 v=100

9240 Off ch=1 n=95 v=0

9240 On ch=1 n=97 v=100

9460 Off ch=1 n=97 v=0

9460 On ch=1 n=95 v=100

9680 Off ch=1 n=95 v=0

9680 On ch=1 n=114 v=100

9900 Off ch=1 n=114 v=0

9900 On ch=1 n=52 v=100

10120 Off ch=1 n=52 v=0

10120 On ch=1 n=118 v=100

10340 Off ch=1 n=118 v=0

10340 On ch=1 n=51 v=100

10560 Off ch=1 n=51 v=0

10560 On ch=1 n=125 v=100

10780 Off ch=1 n=125 v=0

咦.. n 的值有點熟悉哦!!

經查看ascii table後 發現前3個n的值等於Ice , 故立即寫一小程式直接出flag

{IceCTF2016}[Misc](Stage3)Blue Monday - 60pt